The surface of a Junction Wood furniture piece has been finely sanded to leave an extremely soft and smooth hand feel. You haven’t felt anything like this before! We prefer to show off the natural surface of the wood. For this reason, we don’t typically seal wood tables with varnish or lacquer. Instead, we opt for a smooth, natural and foodsafe hardwax oil. This oil protects the wood and leaves a smooth, luxurious finish that is VOC free and does not contain harsh chemicals like those found in wood sealers and lacquers. 

HARDWAX OIL is a protective finish that consists of 3 layers of wax oil produced from natural components. This product is made with a combination of natural oils and waxes including wax of carnauba palm tree. Hardwax oil easily penetrates into wood pores, deeply saturating the wood, strengthening and protecting it from ill effects of moisture, dirt and the elements. This wax create a hard protective film on the wood surface that oxidizes and dries out in open air. Aside from moisture defense, this finish protects the wood surface from wearing.

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Due to changing humidity and temperatures, your wood furniture will slightly swell and dry through the seasons. To keep your wood furniture moisturized and protected, we recommend using a natural wood oil regularly (every 1-3 months or as needed). See our post on Wood Oils for some suggestions. 


Keep ‘cleaning’ the table to a minimum, opting for wiping with a dry or damp soft cloth. A little gentle dish soap should remove most debris if needed. In general, stay away from anything in a spray bottle (cleaners, disinfectant sprays) unless they specifically say they are for wood. These products can be unnecessarily drying. Murphy’s oil soap is a great product for deep cleaning that doesn’t dry out a wood surface. After a deep clean, always follow up with a moisturizing wood oil.


In case more dramatic repair or refinishing is needed (deep scratches, abrasions, stains), the table can be lightly sanded and another light coat of hardwax oil can be applied. This is a simple process that does not involve complete refinishing, sanding and oiling the entire table like many dining table repairs.